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 Lawn care services Bromley 

Our lawncare services are designed to give your lawn a real Glow-up. Available as a package, these can be tailored to your lawn's requirements and your budget, with either a comprehensive approach for the ultimate in lush growth throughout the year, or just the essentials to keep things green and healthy. 

Services available in our packages

We recommend the following services be performed each year to prevent your lawn from deteriorating,

and these form our basic service:

  • Scarification (removal of moss and debris) performed in Spring and Autumn

  • Hollow tine Aeration in Spring and Autumn

  • Selective weed-killer applied 3x per year (areas covered: lawn, paths, patio)

  • Granular NPK fertiliser (6 seasonal treatments, every other month)

  • Annual over-seeding (Autumn)

   Additional treatments in our premium lawncare service include:

  • Annual topsoil dressing

  • Under decking weed treatment (recommended 2x annually)

  • Microbial root growth stimulator (2x per growth season recommended)

  • Seaweed soil conditioner (2x per growth season recommended)

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